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Semarang, 17 Februari 1981
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Ocean and Atmosphere
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My research focuses on dynamics of marine pelagic food web, including modeling of tuna and micronekton habitat, and influences of climate change on its distribution. In my early research career, I had been working on construction of simple habitat model using combination of oceanographic satellites, physical and biogeochemical models, and statistical models. These experiences have given me a better understanding that a habitat model should consider on dynamic of biological population allowing the whole life stages of a marine pelagic fish to be modeled and further its stock biomass can be estimated. The knowledge is essentially required for managing marine pelagic resources in a sustainable way. In line with my scientific interest, I have been awarded a scholarship permitting to enroll as a PhD candidate in tuna population dynamics at Ecole Doctorale Sciences de L’Univers, de l’Environnement et de l’Espace (SDU2E), Toulouse-France. The study focuses on application of Spatial Ecosystem And POpulation DYnamics Model (SEAPODYM) for bigeye stock of the Indian Ocean and the Indonesian waters.
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